A Harmony Institute Inspired Award Winning Community

What Makes Harmony, Harmony

The vision of a community environment designed to accommodate and encourage the interactions of residents with nature and animals as part of their daily routines was the inspiration for the first phase (1,000 acres) of this 11,000 acre community which became the town of Harmony.

HICAB Introductions

This is the beginning of a video that was shot in 1999 that gives a brief introduction to the initial members of the Harmony Institute Community Advisory Board (HICAB) members. This meeting was held on Saturday, July 31, 1999.

Dark Sky Lighting at Harmony

Every year light pollution kills large populations of birds & wildlife, and also has a negative impact on human health. Did you know that roughly 80% of Americans cannot see the Milky Way? The full cut-off lighting that was used in the town of Harmony preserves the natural night sky for observers, improves safety as glare contracts eye pupils, and has incredible energy savings. It has been estimated that 1/3 of light is wasted due to light pollution.

The International Dark Sky Assoc. created a new recognition for Harmony as the first dark sky developed community.

Additional Dark Sky & Trails

Check out some additional information about the benefits of full cut-off (Dark Sky) lighting that was used in the town of Harmony Florida, and some more info about preservation and trails.

Harmony Golf Preserve

A 260 Acre, Audubon International Certified, Johnny Miller Signature Course designed to protect wetlands and wildlife. No houses were permitted on course thereby opening greenspaces for all residents. The Original land size was increased by about 100 acres so there were transitional spaces to wooded areas for wildlife protection. And habitats were created to improve bird, gopher tortoise, and bat populations. Emergent areas in golf ponds constructed at the time the course was built to have produced viable Sandhill crane nests every year since 2003.

Harmony Square

Take a look around Harmony Square and learn what this amazing community is about.

Trails at Harmony

This is one of the many trails in the town of Harmony, FL – Billy’s Trail. Named in honor of our friend William (Billy) H. Johnson on his 74th birthday in 2003.

Harmony Community Garden

This video discusses the Community Garden located in Harmony Florida.

Geothermal Heated Pool

Smart simple solutions that reduce energy consumption and provide a great experience.

Harmony Neighborhood

Come take a tour around Harmony’s neighborhood and see what makes this award winning community so amazing!