Tyler E. Dumont

Tyler brings an array of experience from various industries ranging from Real Estate investment to project management, from contract work to customer service. His career with a Multi-Million Dollar National Demolition Contractor has allowed him to understand various markets around the country, along with providing him a valuable “Big Picture” understanding. He was involved in the bidding, managing, and executing of projects ranging from several hundred thousand in contract value and overseeing small crews, to projects valued in the multi-millions and comprising of over 50 onsite personnel. This has allowed him to excel in business management, personnel management, regulations, decision making, negotiations and QA/QC. Tyler also served as a Managing Director of La Rosa Realty Commercial Real Estate Division out of Celebration, FL. where he oversaw a team of 80+ agents. Currently, he is the proud owner and Broker of Record for Dumont Realty, and the owner and CGC holder for Dumont Building & Contracting, both out of Orlando, FL.

Tyler is a Husband and Father of 5 beautiful children; 4 girls and 1 boy. His family is his pride and joy and is what ultimately drives him to ensure he is doing his part to make this world a better place for the future. He truly enjoys serving others and fostering life-long relationships.