Lawrence R. Williams Jr.

Lawrence Williams serves as a Board Member for Harmony Institute. He graduated in 1980 from the Howard University School of Law in Washington. DC. He is a licensed attorney in the State of Ohio and was a partner in the law firm of Bowers, Williams, Carter, McGee and Smiley in Dayton, Ohio. In 2004 he decided to retire from the conventional private practice of law and moved to central Florida. In Florida Lawrence was a partner for a real estate private equity firm until 2008, thereafter Lawrence began his long-standing relationship with Milennium Management and the One World Foundation, Inc.

Today Lawrence is a Board Member and is responsible for overseeing all legal matters involving the One World Foundation (OW), and their operations, in his capacity as chief legal officer. He serves as counsel to Milennium Management, a professional sports and entertainment management company in Atlanta, GA. He also serves on the Board of the Harmony Institute (FL), and the Osceola County (FL) Industrial Development Authority.

During his extensive career Lawrence has received numerous awards and recognitions, to name a few:

– St. James/Resurrection Leadership Award for services rendered as President of Parish Council.

– Cardinal Bernardin Community Service Award.

– The City of Dayton, Ohio Proclamation in recognition of his community services.

– Recognized by the Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce for services rendered as a member of the Board of Directors.

– Recognized by the Black Business Council for leadership and service as its President.

Lawrence was formerly:

President of the Osceola County (FL) Black Business Council, a member of the Executive Board of Trustees for the Osceola County/Kissimmee (FL) Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Executive Board of Trustees for the Lake Buena Vista Rotary (Disney), a member of the Board of Directors for the Osceola County (FL) Education Foundation, and also a former member of the Osceola County (FL) Charter Review Committee. He was president and co-founder of REAL MEN OUTDOORS, INC (Orlando, FL), a faith-based youth wilderness mentoring program. He has been a Board Member and Trustee for the Dayton (OH) Ballet, and the Fifth Third Bank Community Reinvestment Program (Dayton, OH).

As an attorney, Lawrence was a member of the National Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Ohio State Bar Association, and the Thurgood Marshall Law Society.

Lawrence received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Central State University of Ohio, (graduating magna cum laude), and his Juris Doctors Degree from Howard University.