The Design Team

The Design Team of

As early as 1999, members of the Harmony Institute Campus Advisory Board (HICAB) met with members of the Harmony Development land-planners and designers to begin the process of the design of the town of Harmony and the planning of environmental principles and amenities that would be included within the town.  Either individually or as a group, members of HICAB provided recommendations regarding animals, the environment and the land-plan that have created existing practices and programs and, in many respects, have guided the development of Harmony.

The original membership of HICAB.

Judith A. Altholz, Ph.D., (Retired)
Asst. Dean, The School of Social Work
Florida State University

Alan  M. Beck, Sc.D.
Professor and Director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond                         
School of Veterinary Medicine
Purdue University

Nancy Edwards, Ph.D., RNC,
Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Purdue University

John Fisher, Former Director
Environments and Resources Initiative
University of London

Howard Frumkin, M.D., Dr.P.H.,
Dean, and Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
School of Public Health
University of Washington

John Hadidian, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Wildlife
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

Mark Hostetler, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
University of Florida

Pierce Jones, Ph.D.
Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Centers and Institutes
Director, Program for Resource Efficient Communities
University of Florida

Peter H. Kahn, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Psychology
Director, Human Interaction with Nature and Technological systems (HINTS) Lab
University of Washington

Mary Beth Kenkel, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean, School of Psychology
Florida Institute of Technology

Clyde B. McCoy, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair Emeritus, Department of Health Sciences
Director, Comprehensive Drug Research Center
Miller School of Medicine
University of Miami

Barbara A. Murray, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor Educational Leadership
College of Education
University of Central Florida

Renee Oscarson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor; SDSU Extension Specialist - Gerontology
Counseling and Human Development
South Dakota State University

A.G. Rud Jr., Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Department of Teaching and Learning
Washington State University

James A. Serpell, Ph.D.
Marie A. Moore Professor of Ethics & Animal Welfare
Director, Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

Roger S. Ulrich, Ph.D. (Retired)
Beale Endowed Professor of Health Facilities Design
Professor and Faculty Fellow, Center for Health Systems and Design
College of Architecture
Texas A&M University

Henry O. Whittier, Ph.D. (Deceased)
Professor of Biology
Director of the Arboretum
University of Central Florida

Jennifer Wolch, Ph.D.
Professor of Urban Planning & Geography
Dean, UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design

Stephen L. Zawistowski, Ph.D. (Retired)
Senior Vice President and Science Advisor
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)